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WWE Divas like Trish, Molly and Terri all have a special place in my collection of RAW sports posters.

WWE Divas PostersMolly Holly - Formerly known as Nora Greenwald isn’t in the ring as much anymore but she has said on many occasions that she really misses the action, especially her matches against Trish and Ivory. She still believes a RAW feud between herself and Stephanie McMahon would be the one to end all feuds.

Trish Stratus – Before she became a WWE Diva she was on her way to pursuing a career in medicine. She was on her way to becoming doctor Trish Stratigias when she discovered wrestling. She’s one smart lady with a killer body who’s wrestled diva greats such as Chyna, Lita and Stephanie McMahon.

She is a hot commodity in the world of wresting who wants to have it all. WWE Divas posters featuring Trish Stratus are huge sellers as her fan base grows and grows.

Terri - Her days as the Hardcore Champion are just a memory she’s still in action as RAW's leading female backstage interviewer.


WWE Divas like Sable, Torrie and Stephanie are on my A list of favorite Smackdown wrestling posters.

Torrie Wilson – This former Miss Galaxy in the fitness competitions was also a nutrition major in university. She stole the show when she debuted on the WWE in June 2001.

Sable – Every man wants her and every woman would love to be her! She made her comeback to the WWE in a big way. She is the only woman to have graced the cover of Playboy Magazine not once, but twice in the same year.

Stephanie McMahon – She’s proved she’s a woman who gets what she wants! As the General Manager of Smackdown she has put the war with her father aside and is now focusing on making her show the best in sports entertainment.

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