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When I started collecting vintage sports posters I searched for members of the Sports Hall of Fame. My first three posters were classic baseball heroes including Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson and Joe Dimaggio. Since then I’ve made every sports hero I grew up idolizing a part of my vintage sports posters collection.

Vintage Golf PostersLimited Edition Prints
Besides poster collecting I’m always on the lookout for limited edition prints of my favorite sports heroes. Limited editions are always numbered and signed by the artist.

Vintage posters and prints should always be framed to sustain their value.

  • Unsigned posters and prints should be dry mounted.
  • Dry mounting is a better alternative to using a spray-on adhesive.
  • Dry mounting permanently attaches the poster or print to a stiff backing.

Any limited edition prints should be matted and mounted on materials that are acid free so that prints are not damaged over time. The matting around the print doesn’t just decorate the print it prevents the print from coming into contact with the glass or plastic covering.


Vintage Boxing Posters

Protective Coverings
Keep in mind that just because you have used a protective covering over your sports posters or prints they are still vulnerable to the elements. If you want to display your vintage sports posters collection make sure to keep them away from direct sunlight and humidity. UV rays can destroy posters and prints over time.

There are certain types of protective coverings that cut out UV rays but they are a lot more expensive. If you are willing to spend the money, then go for it, if not be careful where you display your collection.

Collection Tips

  • According to the number 1 must-have vintage poster is the Monaco – August 1937. Race cars are huge sellers among sports collectors.
  • Most sports personalities oblige through-the-mail autograph requests as a part of their public relations. In most cases, they will provide a signed photo of themselves or sign items you send them.


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