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Hockey posters are my absolute favorite. Being a Canadian, hockey was the first sport that I really got into. As a young boy, I was fascinated by goaltenders. They made the game. I preferred watching a spectacular save over of an overtime game winning goal.

Curtis JosephMy walls were plastered with goalie posters. I played goalie whenever I had the chance in street hockey games. I loved the look they had. They could single handedly win or lose a game. It was like watching sixteen men trying to defeat one man. Goaltenders are the last bastion of defense.

Although goalies are my favorites, I also liked the players. I equally enjoyed watching a blistering slap shot from the point. Or a good solid bodycheck. Of course the occasional bench clearing brawl was always entertaining.

Jaromir Jagr

Today, I am a huge Washington Capitals fan. With Jaromir Jagr leading the troops, the Caps are even more exciting to watch than ever before. Awesome goaltending, explosive offense, what could be better. If they don't take the cup this year, they most certainly will next year.

Another one of my favorite players was Theoren Fleury. He was the smallest player in the NHL, yet he had the biggest heart. His dramatic overtime goal against the Montreal Canadians in the 1986 playoffs was a goal never to forget. After scoring the goal, he slid across the entire length of the ice while all his teammates piled on top of him.

Last year Stanley Cup Champions the New Jersey Devils regained their title as the league's best by beating the Anaheim Mighty Ducks in an unforgettable seven game series.

New Jersey Devils
Devils - Ducks Stanley Cup Finals
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