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The many football posters I have collected over the years each reflect a great moment in sports history. (Also see The Superbowl and Superbowl Results)

The 90’s
While everyone has their own football heroes, mine have been the quarterbacks who scramble to make the big plays that knock you out of your seat! Sports icons of the 90’s like Troy Aikman, Brette Farve and Kurt Warner stood in the spotlight as some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time to win a Superbowl.

Montana - Elway - MarinoMy collection of Superbowl football posters dates as far back as the last decade. One of my personal favorites includes a great poster featuring Joe Montana sporting his Superbowl rings. Great coaches like Jon Gruden posing for the team.

Superbowl Winners and Losers
Although the Buffalo Bills went to the Superbowl four years in a row from 1991-1994 they never clinched a victory. Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly may have never won a Superbowl but he has found a personal victory in the many charities he supports since retiring in 1996. His annual charity golf tournament has raised more than $1 million, as has his Kelly For Kids Foundation program.

The Denver Broncos have always been one of my favorites from the AFC. The country went wild when John Elway finally had his moment in 1998 when the Bronco’s beat the Packers with their damascus steel defense 31-24.

Fans and fellow players were sad to say goodbye to a 17-year veteran when he retired at the end of the season. I’ve always thought it was an awesome way to go out! John Elway currently spends a lot of time on the Elway Foundation contributing to many charities. He also owns and operates seven automobile franchises in the Denver area.

New England PatriotsRemember the Titans! A few inches cost them the Superbowl against the St. Louis Rams. The Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair keeps getting better and better and will probably see another Superbowl or two before his time has expired.

Millennium Football
2002 Superbowl winners the New England Patriots found their spot in American Football history with the help of former team-mate Drew Bledsoe. Although he didn't play in the Super bowl championship, New England fans will always remember the ecstacy on how he took over for an injured Tom Brady and helped them win the AFC championship that helped get them to the 2002 Superbowl.  Other great players like Adrian Peterson is recognized as well.

Super Bowl Champions from the last decade:
2004 - New England 32 Carolina 29
2003 - Tampa Bay 41 Oakland 21
2002 - New England 20 St. Louis 17
2001 - Baltimore 34 Giants 7
2000 - St. Louis 23 Tennessee 16
1999 - Denver 34 Atlanta 19
1998 - Denver 31 Green Bay 24
1997 - Green Bay 35 New England 21
1996 - Dallas 27 Pittsburgh 17
1995 - San Francisco 49 san Diego 26
1994 - Dallas 30 Buffalo 13

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