Achieving Mastery With Basketball

Basketball inspires passion in its fans throughout the NBA season. The season sees players and supporters obsessing over every facet of the sport. If you want to be the type of player that has fans cheering your name, you need to find your own niche within a team. You don’t always have to be the star player, but you must make a contribution to the group. So how do you go about making an impact on a team?

Practice Dunking

The dunk is one of the best parts of the sport, but most players will never achieve it on a consistent basis. The dunk is by nature a hard skill to master, but it is very possible to make gradual gains in your vertical jump. For those who want to know how to dunk, the secret is in plyometric training. Plyometrics allows you to gain explosive power in your legs which let you burst off the ground and achieve more inches in your leap.

BasketWork on Your Dribbling

Some players use their palm to dribble, but you should be using your fingers instead. Your fingers give you more leverage over the ball, allowing you to firmly control the ball. You shouldn’t be looking at the court, instead focusing directly ahead. This will take time to master, but is an essential part of your game. Keep the ball at waist height and dribble with the ball to your side.

Master the Free Throw

Free throws are a vital part of a basketball game and when you get good at them you can be an important part of the team. It will take a lot of practice to become a free throw master, though you won’t lose the skill when you have it. The ball should be in line with your eyes ahead of you. Try to use visualization techniques to see the ball going into the basket then take the shot. Over time you will develop a clear sense of the way the ball will move in the air.

Combination Play

Basketball is a team game, so get used to playing in a group. Many players are happy practising shooting for an extended period of time, but this is only one aspect of the game. When it comes to an actual game you could find yourself unable to gel with your team mates. Work on your abilities to combine with other players as much as you work on your solo work.

Master Your Strengths

Every player will have strengths and weaknesses. Whether it is shooting, dribbling, blocking or any other aspect of basketball, you will have an area where you excel. Work hard on this strength so you can be an invaluable member of the team. This does not mean you should neglect everything else, simply that you should become a master at one area of the game.

Avoid Bulking

Fitness is an essential part of the sport, so you need to have a clear plan of action. Avoid bulking up to much as this can hinder your ability. Basketball is an athletic sport, requiring strength, athleticism, agility, and stamina. If you work too much on bulking in the gym you will make it harder to achieve success in these other areas. You want to be strong, but agile at the same time.

Use Plyometric Training

Plyometrics is essential if you want to dunk, run fast, and be more agile. Aim to complete about two or three of these sessions per week, making sure to have enough rest in between. Box jump, drop jumps, and squats are some of the most common exercises you will see and they can easily add inches to a vertical leap. Jumping higher is a major benefit, but you should also notice you can run faster as well.

Lift Weights

Lifting weights is important for basketball, even though you want to avoid bulking up too much as mentioned previously. Weights can be used to add strength to your body while still leaving you with the agility to be effective on the court. Typically, lighter weights and more reps will be used for basketball training, as lower reps of heavier weights can add some serious muscle to your frame.

By following these strategies, you should notice your basketball game improves considerably. It is not just your play that will improve though, with your fitness, health, and flexibility also seeing some great gains. To really be great it is essential to practice. You won’t reach a high level only putting an occasional effort in, but if you commit to a regular plan you can see some incredible gains.


Michael Jordan – Greatest Dunks

Just a quick post…but something well worth watching if you love basketball & dunking.

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time in most people’s eyes. Reports suggest he had a 48 inch vertical jump, though some people dispute that. This incredible physical gift let him pull off some of the most memorable dunks of all time. Checkout some of his incredible dunks in the video below.